Another induction training… Oh no not again… Form 1040’s… What was that…? The initial apprehension that every new hire has. And there she was like a breath of fresh air. LINDA…LINDA SEIBERT …
I still vividly remember the very first time I saw her. In pink tops with her trademark cherry – blossom smile. Training was a breeze. She made sure everybody was comfortable with her training methods. But what made her endearing was her ability to reach out to people in need of help.
She was there during my initial days, she was there when I settled down into the process and she was there when I said good bye to DELOITTE. Always there at every stage willing to help and making sure everything was fine with me. To instinctively do so despite the vast gulf in rank and culture between us takes a special effort and I will always be grateful for that.
We have remained good friends since our Deloitte days. And she taught me a valuable lesson – The importance of reaching out. She is and will always be a special and inspiring part of my life