I’ll have to admit this is the longest I have waited to see a movie which I really wanted to see. Two long months. A frustrating wait for just a movie. An English movie still running to packed houses two months after its Indian release. It made me really curious… And the wait continued.
Finally the day arrived… Me at Sathyam Cinemas… The titles roll.. Right then I knew I was in for a visual treat. The plot – A boy’s journey across the pacific with a BENGAL TIGER.
Sunil Sharma as the 16 year old PI gives a neat performance. Irfan Khan as the older PI and Tabu as PI’s mother are delightful in their respective cameos.
Claudio Miranda’s cinematography is top notch.   Special mention must be made of the Visual Effects team for providing us with a visual spectacle. Right from the first scene till the end credits the visual imagery keeps you hooked.
But the real hero of the film is director ANG LEE. After presenting us with compelling and moving stories in his earlier movies he makes a grand return with LIFE OF PI. Kudos to him for turning YANN MARTEL’s novel into a grand spectacle on screen. He makes us empathize with PI’s situation at every stage during his journey. And more importantly he gives us something which we all need in tons. HOPE and an assurance that things are gonna to turn out just fine despite the odds being against us.
LIFE OF PI – A must watch and strictly only in theatres.
Next up – BEN AFFLECK’s thrilling ARGO.