Everybody has been a talking about it.. It’s been a hot topic of discussion over the past two weeks. Let me also voice my opinion. 
KAMAL HASSAN – A living legend, an excellent an actor and someone who lives for cinema. And his own state government gives him a shabby treatment while people in other states have praised his work and welcomed him with open arms.
The question to be asked is WHY… ? Did he deserve to be treated this way after having entertained us for 50 years… 50 Golden Years. Cinema is an art form where an actor finds his expression and a director puts forth his creativity. And Kamal Hassan has been someone who has revolutionized Tamil Cinema at various stages of his illustrious film career. He did not deserve this at all.
Wait.. Haven’t we seen this before. Wasn’t thespian Shivaji Ganesan denied a national award despite being an actor par excellence.. He was given a DADA SAHEB PHALKE only after he was recognized internationally. There is a saying HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.  And it does seem that way.
Is political vendetta at play…? GOD KNOWS… but it is time we all come together in support of the great actor that KAMAL is. Cinema as an art does need someone like him. And it is time we give him a fitting tribute instead of pushing him to a level wherein he thinks of leaving the country.
PS: I am a hardcore RAJINI FAN and I support KAMAL HASSAN.