Ah… How do I describe our relationship…. What is it that made her different from others.. I had known her since I was a kid. Visiting each other’s house and having fun was the norm.
And then came her college days.. That was when I really got to know her as a person. I was in my turbulent teenage years looking for guidance all confused and muddled. A typical teenager without direction. It was then I realized the importance of having an elder sis to guide and give you a sense of calmness.
I have always known her as a jovial person. But as I got to know her more I realized the depth hidden beneath the jovial exterior. She was the one who taught me how to care for a girl and treat her like a princess. And it’s a lesson which I will hold onto for a lifetime. She’s been there at every important moment in my life time. Hopefully for my marriage too…! 
There is a saying that cousins are your best friends… She was my first friend and my best till date… I will always cherish our late night conversations where we shared each other’s joys and sorrows.
MARIN, FISH, EZHIL, KEV and I … We were like the five fingers of the hand… All of us are different.. But wen we join together it’s all fun and happiness.. And now we  have two wonderful new additions to our fun gang VIJAY and JEAN. Just like the special sixth finger in each hand.
We may be far apart from each other in terms of distances. But our bond just grows stronger by the day. Miss you sis.