CINDRELLA PRAKASH… The first time i came across this brave lady was during Aamir Khan’s Sathyameva Jayathe show… Like all Aamir fans i watched the show with loads of interest knowing fully well his passion for doing things differently… 
It was the 13th of May…Another Sunday.. The topic – CHILD SEX ABUSE… Oh come on which girl/woman would actually come forward to narrate their experiences… U must be kidding.. That’s the first time I saw her on screen during the video introduction.. .
As she narrated her story i was deeply touched and moved. A 55 year old man physically abusing a 12 year old girl. What kind of an animal was he? Those were my initial reactions. But as I reflected upon that particular episode for a while another aspect deeply impressed me – THE LADY’S GUTS.
Not all of us are brave enough to stand and fight back after being victimized but she did… She not only overcame the odds but became a successful gospel singer/preacher. If she can why can’t u.?
Stop blaming circumstances and people for the problems that you are in. Learn to overcome them. Learn to stand up and fight back.  You can write ur own destiny….