After Michael Bevan who…? That was the question in most people’s mind after his retirement.. Will there be anyone who can take his place. There is a saying COMETH THE HOUR…COMETH THE MAN…In came someone in his early 30’s the man who is now affectionately known as Mr Cricket…MIKE HUSSEY.
He not only replaced Bevan but surpassed him. His debut was not all that flashy. But slowly he made his presence felt eventually becoming a vital part of the Aussie setup. He was a busy player and Australia’s go to man in times of Crisis…He kept the score board ticking… He lacked the pure genius or artistic ability of players like Sachin but he more than made up for it with his ability to plan a chase and finish the game. His planned assault on Pakistan during the World T20 semi – final stands testimony to this.. He won a game which was lost as the Pakistan players were stunned.
Another remarkable characteristic which marked his cricketing career was his ability to forge partnerships with the tail. It didn’t matter whether it was No 9, 10 or 11 batting at one end. As long as u have Mike Hussey at one end the Aussie’s had a chance. Who can forget his unbeaten 107 run partnership with No 11 Glenn Mcgrath which helped them win a test match…This was one of many… He also had this uncanny ability to negotiate the toughest periods of the game much like RAHUL DRAVID….
When people look back at his statistics a while from now they may not seem significant in terms of numbers. Not much in terms of hundred’s fifties or the number of runs scored. But the sheer value of those runs to the team is what makes them priceless…. He will always remain my favorite modern day cricketer… GOOD BYE MR CRICKET…. WE MISS U ALREADY.