There are films which entertain you and then there are films which linger in your hearts a long time after you have watched it. BARFI  belongs to the latter.
It is all about the journey of a deaf and mute boy person named BARFI and how he touches the life of people around him. Being a differently abled person myself. I was able to relate to each and every frame of the film. The movie is wonderfully poetic and moving and shows how two imperfect people can find perfectness in each other.
The film is narrated through the eyes of a normal person SHRUTHI played by Illeana D Cruz and how she rues her missed opportunities in life. In a way her reluctance perfectly put’s forth the views of normal people towards specially challenged individuals.
RANBIR as BARFI puts in a riveting and effortless performance. With every good performance he proves that he is the future SUPERSTAR of HINDI CINEMA. The smile,the joy and the agony is movingly conveyed. PRIYANKA CHOPRA as JHILLMILL puts in an equally good performance as a person suffering from autism. The real surprise package of the film though is ILLEANA D CRUZ. In her first Bollywood movie she gives a powerful and impressive performance.
PRITAM’s music complements the film and is soulful. Kudos to ANURAG KASHYAP for giving us a different film.
BARFI – A moving and joyful journey!