It’s been that kind of a year.. Big budget films with big names have disappointed while smaller films have come to the fore which is a healthy trend. Sudarapandian is one such film. With no pre-release publicity the film has managed to hold it’s own at the box office
 A typical candyfloss romance set in the rural backdrop but it’s the freshness in treatment which appeals to the viewers. The humour is natural and helps the story move along which is a big plus.
Sasikumar as Sundarapandian is natural and suits the title role to the tee. Kudos to Sasikumar the producer as well.With Sundarapandian he once again proves he is apt at picking the right scripts. Lakshmi Menon – the heroine is a promising new find. It’s her expressive eyes which speak volumes. This girl could go a long way provided she picks the right scripts.
Another major boost for the story is Parotta Suri who leaves u in splits with his raw humour and comic timing. Another worthy outing for him. Appukuty, Vijay Sethupathy and the rest of the cast lend able support. Music by N.R Ragunathan suits the mood of the film.
Prem Kumar,the director makes a good start. Another talent from Sasikumar’s clan. Can he sustain it?  Let’s wait and watch. Even though u know how it’s all gonna to end the movie is an effortless watch.
To Sum up – Sundarapandian touches u like a breath of fresh air.
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