Maatran – Another Big budget movie with a star… I went into the movie hall a bit cautious given the fact that most big budget movies this year have failed to live up to the hype. And Maatran follows suit. 
The movie starts off on a promising note though. Suriya as conjoined twins Vimalan and Akilan with different shades. One all brainy and the other lively and jovial. The montage scenes at the beginning catch the eye. The father succeeds in building a huge empire based on a milk product. One of the twins Vimalan Suspects foul play and he is bumped off. What happens thereafter as Akilan takes things into his hand form the rest of the movie.
The first half is breezy and does have it’s lively movements. It’s the latter half which proves a dampener. Just when you expect things to spice up in the second half it meanders before falling flat in a predictable climax. The plot reminds you of Suriya’s earlier movie 7am Arivu. 
Suriya does a neat job as the conjoined twins. Though his acting does look a bit artificial these days with more focus on his looks compared to his raw efforts in earlier movies like Pithamagan. Kajal Aggarwal,Sachin Khedekar and Tara do what is expected of them.
The songs by Harris Jeyaraj give a heard them before feel. How come he still survives with the same set of tunes..? K. V Anand after delivering a huge blockbuster like KO follows it up with an average attempt.
Maatran has everything going for it a big star, a hit combo and a promising premise. But somehow it leaves u with a feeling it could have been much more… IT COULD HAVE BEEN….