I was a bit skeptical when I first watched the movie’s trailer on TV. A movie based on a fly? The Director must be kidding. How would the audience accept such a story in this in this modern Era? But when I went into the movie hall, I was in for a pleasant surprise.
The plot – The murdered protagonist reincarnates as a housefly to take revenge on his killer and protect his ladylove. It might sound like a silly revenge story but the screenplay makes it work.
Nani- the hero impresses his brief role. He has come a long way since his Ashta Chamma days. Samantha, the current eye candy for top directors does a neat job. The romance between the leads though brief is cute and well established. Naan Ee might just prove to be the big ticket to stardom for both the leads. But the one who walks away with the applause is Sudeep as the antagonist. Lust, anger, frustration, helplessness the actor conveys every emotion with effortless ease and gives a power packed performance.Santhanam is hilarious in his brief cameo.
The real hero of the film though is the animated housefly. Kudos to the Visual Effects and animation team for making the CG believable. As the story moves along you can’t help but fall in love with the housefly and empathize with it’s motive. Another plus for the movie is the music and BGM by M.M Keeravani. The music is soulful and suits the mood of the movie.
Hats off to S.S Rajamouli and team for attempting the unusual and making it believable. Nowhere does screenplay sag or make us feel bored. He deserves a special applause for his conviction in the project. After the mega hit Magadheera the director takes Indian Cinema to the next level with Naan EE. I hope this paves the way for many such attempts in the future. 
This is one for the whole family. Go catch it in theatres with your kids. They’ll love it. This fly will linger in your hearts for a long time to come!