As I sit down to write this, events over the past year and a half cross my mind. Dad’s untimely death and how it affected our lives. Along came unexpected situations. All future plans go for a toss. It made me think…Am I heading the right way… ? A question lingered in my mind.

All of us make plans foreseeing a bright future but sometimes we are so obsessed with making future plans that we tend to miss all the pleasant moments that our present throws at us… A few fleeting moments of immense happiness, a loving smile or a hug is all that is needed to stay happy and joyful. Instead of sitting and fretting over what is going to happen learn to take life as it comes.
Most of the hurdles we face are merely problems which will sort itself out. Sometimes we must let life take its due course and let it unfold in its own sweet way. It might seem that everything is working against us but trust me once you cross those hurdles life will turn out even better than you ever imagined.

Plan to be surprised at the wonderful moments that life gives us!