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 Billa 2 hit the screen today to much hype and expectations. A prequel- the first of its kind in Tamil. Sadly the movie does not live up to the hype and disappoints big time. 
The plot – How a refugee becomes the much feared Don Billa. What could have been an interesting premise is made into a mess. Instead of presenting soulful rags to riches story what we see on screen is David Billa bumping off all his enemies one by one to become Don. There is mindless violence and several logical loopholes.
Ajith – thankfully the tag ultimate star is missing from the title. It’s time he stops cat walking on screen and does some acting.  He appears stone faced throughout the movie. Mr Ajith next time before you select the director and heroine for your movie please hire someone who is an expert script selector. His Bulge in the front is getting bigger and bigger- 10 Packs I guess. 
Both Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah the heroines appear in blink and miss role and have nothing much to do and neither of them are pretty. When you make a movie with a hero of such mass appeal we expect the villains to be equal in stature but what we get on screen are mere caricatures
An ordinary effort from Chakri Toleti.  A shoddy script and amateur direction. After a promising Unnaipol Oruvan this is a big letdown. Even Yuvan’s music is not upto the mark.
A big dampener from Ajith after a mega hit like Mankatha. A pathetic effort.
Lessons from Billa 2 – Never remake a RAJINIKANTH movie and to top it never make a prequel to that.
Please do not waste your time and money on this mess of a movie. I myself have an unbearable headache. Go catch up on Naan E or some of the other releases.





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