Mixed Emotions ran through my mind as I watched that particular episode of Satyameva Jayate. Being one such person myself it helped put things in perspective. Differently Abled- A different word but the same treatment. My mind went back to my school days. Me and my parents went to a reputed school in the city for my admission to 6th grade. I was refused admission for the silliest of reasons that I might find it difficult to climb the stairs. It was one of the very few times I saw my mother cry.15 years down the line it still remains the same. It still feels weird when people on the road look at me as if i am an alien from another planet.

The worst part is even people close to you take you for granted. What can he do? What can he possibly achieve? What is the use of being friends with him? He walks like a Eunuch. He looks Weird. Possibly a few of the many comments I have heard as I grew up. Despite all this I have been of the one of the very few fortunate people to have grown up in a surrounding filled with love and care. But not all of us are that fortunate. Employment rate for differently abled people is still a meagre 0.04 percent of the total employment. People look down upon us for what we don’t have rather than appreciating us for what we have. Are we really differently abled or do people perceive us that way?  We do not need sympathy. All that we need is a helping hand