There is a famous Jewish proverb which goes like this “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers”. What makes motherhood so special? Why is a mother looked as someone next to God? I guess the answer is simple and sweet.
A Mother’s responsibility start even before a child is born as she anxiously awaits the arrival of her child. Once the child arrives into this world, she welcomes the child with open arms and helps the lovely one see the world through her selfless eyes.
Motherhood can often be thankless we give the invisible God an offering but we often take our mothers for granted. Only Mothers know how to shower selfless and unconditional love on her children and for this she deserves to be placed on a higher pedestal than the creator himself.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the selfless mothers around the globe. It is only because of them the world is still a better place for us to live in.