·         There are some core strengths that everyone needs. While it’s true that The Hulk and Thor are very different, they also share several key characteristics. They’re strong. They’re fast and agile. They’re passionate about fighting evil. Likewise, your team should share some core strengths. Everyone needs to understand basic principles. Everyone needs a background in general concepts. These core strengths allow the team to be more scalable and flexible.
·         Strong is good, smart is better; both together are just plain awesome. No, I don’t care how physically strong my peers are, but let’s replace physical strength with interpersonal skills and strength of character. It’s great to have some folks on your team that are really smart and super technical. However, if those folks don’t have the ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical folks, like your executive team or your customers, their value is significantly limited. Likewise, if they have the habit of using their intellect to belittle other folks then they might be a better fit for Loki’s team.
·         Recruit specialists. The Hulk is my favorite Avenger. However, you really don’t wanna bring in the big guy until you really, really need him because he’s going to make a mess. Likewise, Thor is a specialist at anything Asgard related and he and Iron Man are the only two Avengers who can fly. While it’s true that we all need a common set of core knowledge, it’s impossible to be an expert at everything these days. Be sure to recruit folks for your team that bring deep levels of expertise in areas that aren’t already covered.
·         The right tools can make all the difference. Tony Stark is cool but he’s not much of a superhero without his Iron Man suit. Thor without his war hammer is pretty boring and Captain America just isn’t as impressive without his shield. Whether you’re talking about your favorite laptop, smart phone, or tablet — the right tools magnify your powers exponentially.
·         Wardrobe just doesn’t matter. Not that long ago many of us were forced to wear suits and ties to work. I can remember visiting customers where you were only allowed to have your jacket off if you were at lunch or in your office. Nowadays though most people focus on the work you do vs. what you’re wearing. Sure, Black Widow looked pretty sweet in her uniform and I’m sure that some of you love the way that Thor rocks those tights but I’m sort of partial to Dr. Banner. He dresses modestly and focuses on his work and when he really gets fired up he never let’s what he’s wearing get in his way…
                (   Reproduced from an article by Josh Stephens founder and CEO of Bearded Dog )