It seems so like yesterday when I held him lovingly in my arms for the very first time….. May 8th 1991 a significant day for the whole family the day MY DEAR BROTHER was born.  I had someone to keep give me company. Our initial years together were probably the sweetest of 21 years of togetherness.

I did have my insecurities initially; someone other than me was getting all the attention probably a hangover of all those years of growing up alone. But as we grew up together our bond grew stronger. He taught me something lovely…the art of sharing… He was always a charmer. The effortless ease with which he did things often amazed me. I guess those traits have made him what he is today.

When I see all those families with a single child at home I realize what a lovely gift GOD has given me. Despite all that has happened over the past year he gives me hope silently assuring me that everything will turn out just fine. The day he becomes a doctor will be the proudest day of my entire life as my dad watches and blesses from above. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR KEVIN…God bless u and give u all happiness and success.

 You will always be my rockstar.