Once in a while a film makes you sit up and take notice. A movie which transcends superlatives and becomes etched in your memory. Traffic is one such film. It narrates the events of a single day where different individuals each buried in their own issues come together by mere chance to save a life.
The film has a huge cast and all of them live up to their potential. Sreenivasan as Sudevan Nair, a traffic constable who wants to redeem himself by undertaking a risky mission is excellent. Anoop Menon is an apt choice for the role of the Police Commissioner. Rahaman as the Superstar Sidharth Shankar and Kunchacko Boban as Abel the Cardiac Surgeon are important value additions to the film and play their parts well.
Sandhya, Remya Nambeesan and Roma play the female leads and each of them have their own significance in moving the story forward. Music by Samson and Mejo Joseph is another plus.
Rajesh Pillai has used distinct narrative style wherein the issues faced by the different characters in the film get resolved as they move towards a common mission. The screenplay keeps you hooked till the eventual conclusion. Kudos to the director Rajesh Pillai for giving us a classic.A must watch for all film buffs.