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Before I start off with my views on Blood Chutney I have one question for all the Tamil Readers out there. How many of you have seen Idharkuthane Asaipatai Balakumara?  If your answer is yes I have seen it I will elaborate on this later.

I watched Blood Chutney twice just to make my reaction when I saw it first wasn’t just another exaggerated outburst at a plausible attempt. But the second attempt was even more tedious than the first. The first problem I had was this. Karthik Kumar contradicts his own premise at various points in the show. He compares actress Nalini to a cow. And then there’s the Nayanthara and comparison between the big superstar and the little superstar. These statements aren’t even below the belt they are disgusting. I wouldn’t even call them a joke.

And then there’s the statement about G.V Prakash pretending to be a music director. As far as I know, he was a very fine music director.  I almost thought out loud “Karthik Kumar it is you who have been pretending to be a comedian on stage throughout the show”. But you know what pissed me off the most. It was the statement on Kalaignar’s breathing problem. I will never forgive him for that. Have some shame Karthik you don’t mock the sickness of a fragile old man and call it a joke. You called him a ventilator. I am a disabled person myself. Any joke on the sick, the elderly or the disabled earns my wrath and you mock his personal choices as well. If you want to mock at something. Mock at the stereotypes which have been plaguing our society.

There are so many good jokes you can make on the political situation of our country. But Karthik wants none of these he wants to troll them on their ill health. How ridiculous is that? And then there’s that Tambrahm cliche of being deprived. How long will you keep repeating the same lie? I have absolutely no problem with Karthik catering to a particular crowd for everyone has their own target audience. But when such a show comes on Amazon it nullifies the good attempts by so many great upcoming comedians in the stand-up scene which is why I am angry.

He is supposedly one of the pioneers of stand up comedy in Chennai. But when he gets away with such mediocre content it pulls everybody down. In fact, people who don’t have access to live shows end up thinking that is the quality of stand up scene in Chennai.  As someone who has been a regular to the live shows let me tell you the content in Amazon is below par when compared to live shows. There are so many good talents out there and I personally vouch for them.

You may ask me why I haven’t commented on the good points he made during the show.  A person doesn’t shame every personality out there to tell people that shaming is wrong.  It contradicts their own motive however well-intentioned they may be.

Let’s take the movie Idharkuthane Asaipatai Balakumara. What do we remember about the movie?  Do we remember the drunken stupor of Vijay Sethupathy and his gang or do we remember the Say No to Drinks message at the end? What is the dialogue that we often repeat ” Friend feel aiytapla oru half sapta cool airuvapla“. That should give you the answer. 


Ashwani  Mohanlal  – My Sarah. I still pinch myself when it comes to Ashwani . At first, I thought she was some famous ultra rich model. Don’t blame me blame the second part of her name on FB. We weren’t supposed to be part of each other’s life even in an alternate universe. But life often stuns you with strange surprises. For starters, I never knew she was an admirer of my words until I saw her joyous reply to one of my comments to her posts.  It was a song which had caught my attention out of nowhere and the comment was more of a spontaneous reaction.  What followed was my usual “Is this really happening “? We were no longer strangers.  But personal connect wasn’t on the cards.  The fact that she could relate to what I wrote and find a way to connect with me baffled me.  There was no beating around the bush. There were just strong, effortless random conversations on art and words alone. There was nothing more nothing less. We didn’t have to wait for each other’s text messages, calls or messenger pings. Just random catch ups once in a blue moon.

And then the meet up happened. We often have moments that define our existence. For me, our meet up was the defining moment of my personal transition. I was just warming up to meeting people and getting to know them. But when I met Ashwani and as the conversation progressed I realized something had changed within. From stammering in the crowd to actually being part of a good conversation I had actually come a long way. Barriers broken, norms shattered and limitations nullified. I felt different. The limp didn’t matter anymore. I can look at myself in the mirror and not feel ashamed of my shabby outer self. My inner strength was all that mattered. I was a superhero. I felt like one when I sat opposite that lovely woman. I sat back and listened as she narrated anecdotes from her life. I walked in with a sense of insecurity and walked out like a Superstar. The veil had quietly lifted as I realized people loved me for who I was.

There’s a reason why I call her my Sarah. Remember Arjun from Banglore Days. He rushes to see Sarah after hearing her voice. But what he finds is something different. He finds himself amidst all the chaos surrounding him. That is exactly what happened that eventful afternoon. I found myself after 30 long years. No demands, no expectations, and no regular conversations. We still work around the once in a blue moon catch up. But that is enough. We know we are there as part of each other’s existence. And she’s given me so much without asking by just being there. For that, I will always be quietly grateful.




For all the hype surrounding the film, the movie is nothing but an insipid boring snooze fest which aims to put you to sleep without a sleeping tablet. It is a pretentious ode to a piece of history that doesn’t need a recollection especially at a time when women are staunchly standing up for equal rights. Deepika Padukone is gorgeous but her character pans out more like a meek surrender than a strong-willed woman whose story needs to be told.

The film is so Pro Rajput that it immortalizes and justifies their actions while the people belonging to other clans are relegated to the level of cringe-worthy beings. Exaggeration is all right but too much of anything is good for nothing.

SLB knows how to decorate his film but beyond that, there’s no heart, intent or purpose. Padmavat is one of his weakest films. You enter a non-veg hotel expecting a Biryani feast instead all that is left for you is Curd Rice. That’s what this film is. If Padman had hit the screens today Padmavat would have been a washout. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

If you are not a fan of SLB’s grandeur then you can skip it and wait for DVD. All that glitters is not gold. Oh, wait this film isn’t worth comparing to Gold. All that glitters is not the best impression of your fake necklace.


I was always a fan of Vidhya – the writer even before we knew each other.  As a writer, there’s  no greater joy than stumbling upon someone who can articulate things perfectly.  Over the past year, my mornings were mostly filled with re-reads of her posts. Of course, she wasn’t the only one. I have my own set of writers who are my solace when I fall short of ideas.  But I thoroughly enjoy reading Vidhya’s write-ups. I can sit back on a lazy morning and read through Vidhya’s post just to enjoy and admire her wordplay.  For almost a year I was merely a fan and it was absolute fun.

Ironically the writer became invisible once my timeline showed “You are now friends with “. For a while, I didn’t know how to react. The write-ups were missing and I found it very hard to form a connection or a bond. Fortunately, destiny had other ideas. It gave me a chance to know Vidhya the person a lovely soul who can be strong and vulnerable. She is someone who can lighten my otherwise serious day with her hilarious antics. She’s a welcome breath of fresh air in a mundane routine. All you have to do is to talk to her to realize how unintentionally funny she can be.

She taught me a very important lesson in splitting an artist and their real-life persona. More often than not we tend to evaluate a writer based on the way their words resonate with us.  In some cases, the words do reflect the writer’s personality but in most cases, it’s an interesting split where you have to draw the line between the reel and real.

Having known her for quite a while I am more in sync with Vidhya the person than the writer. A young teenage girl full of hope and dreams.  I am curious to see how life unfolds for this bundle of joy.  A little more faith with regards to the people in her life despite the ups and downs should work in her favor in the long run. What is life without a little faith and loads of love? People often say love happens for a reason. Friendships happen for a reason too.




The Understudy

I have written a lot about Rajini before that anything I write here might seem like a mere footnote. But let me try to do justice to my favourite onscreen hero. There are two films which played a vital role in my fascination for the big screen. One was Sathyaraj’s Jeeva and the other was Rajinikanth’s Raja Chinna Roja. These films were my early big screen impressions.

But I want to travel back in time to Aboorva Ragangal. A shabby young man makes a blink and miss appearance in a stellar ensemble. People would have barely noticed him in a cast comprising of Srividhya ,Kamal Hassan and Major Sundarrajan. Maybe his mentor knew he was opening the gates of Tamil Cinema to the man who would eventually redefine Superstardom.

He wasn’t a conventional hero by any sense. He had to rip apart everything that defined a Tamil hero and set a precedent. To his credit, Rajini spent most of his early years as an attentive understudy. He was naturally gifted with the aura of the showman – a trait which was very evident in the films in which Kamal and Rajini shared space. He would complement Kamal’s understated performances with exaggerated applause-worthy showmanship with Deepak of Ninaithale Innikum being the pinnacle. He is entrusted with only one task in an otherwise heavy musical – to be a joyous deviation from all the serious happenings in the film and he does that admirably well. The cigarette flipping scene still evokes laughter. Who would have thought that there would be a scene where Rajini would be scared to flip a cigarette?

The Actor


Rajini is perhaps one of the most underrated actors in Tamil Cinema. We often overlook the effort needed to bring in that irresistible energy on screen. His early days consisted of some brilliantly understated performances. You don’t have to look past Mullum Mallarum to see what Rajini can do as an actor. People often state 6 il irundhu 60 varai, Thalapathy when mentioning about films where we see Rajini as a full-fledged actor but my favourite Rajini film from his early years has to be Nallavanuku Nallavan. A grossly underrated film where Rajini shines as a fabulous performer. That he has the ever-reliable Radhika at the other end to complement him is an added bonus.

Even in films where Rajini the star hides Rajini the actor, there would be isolated scenes of sheer brilliance where the actor would sneak out of his hiding place. The scene in Anamalai where he reprimands his daughter and song that follows is big screen orgasm. There are few more gems like these if you are willing to look closely. Even recently despite the ebb and flow of Kabali as a film Ranjith successfully gave us a glimpse of Rajini the actor.

The Villain and the Anti-Hero


I sometimes wonder if we had unknowingly let go of one of the greatest Tamil Cinema Villain of all time by making him a Superstar. He was one of the most unapologetic and remorseless villains I have ever seen on screen. He makes you almost root for him with his antics. You know he is the bad guy but he lures you in every single time he becomes the evil man. Even though the early impressions of paratai and Ramanathan were fabulous my eternal favourite has to be the one role he played after he became a hero – Chakravarthy from Netrikan – he is delightfully charming as the evergreen playboy.

In this one too he is unapologetic until the very end where a forced apology note is handed out to appease our conservative audience. That he is pitted against Sarita and himself makes it even more enticing. The son is almost non-existent until that pivotal confrontation scene. Moondru Mudichu is another non-conventional film where the anti-hero of the first half gets a taste of his own medicine when he is cornered by the unforeseen turn of events. Mana vinaigal yarudono still makes me shiver in fear. Perhaps we have lured him into the safe template by letting go of the bad guy. Is it a boon or a bane? Frankly, I don’t have answers.


The Star

As I said earlier Rajini silently shattered the norms set out for Tamil Cinema’s leading hero. He wasn’t fair skinned. He was dark, unconventional and rugged. He was essentially an outsider who went on to become the ideal manifestation of all our suppressed emotions. He was a version of the angry young man. No other leading hero consistently aped Amithabh as perfectly as Rajini did. A string of lone crusader films where he became the voice on behalf of the whole. Even as he was surging forward- a sudden diversion stunned us all. Thillu Mullu a film which took us by surprise and caught us off guard. In hindsight, the film would have surprised Rajini himself. He discovered something beyond style and action. He discovered the childish innocence blended with ample doses of humour, with that, he had unwittingly laid down the perfect formula for a mass hero. A formula which still holds good.

Thankfully he didn’t try to be MGR. MGR was a different phenomenon who could not be replicated. Rajini carved his own niche with style and substance until he discovered the template which is still the industry benchmark. Everybody has tried to ape his style with little or no success. The number of times the Baasha template has been repeated says it all. The only hero who has been reasonably successful with this formula among today’s heroes is Vijay. But the one who laid the benchmark for entertainment is Rajini.

The Superstar

He had already become a superstar but the one film which reaffirmed this fact was Annamalai. The trademark superstar music. The scene where he walks in as the new president signalled the passing the baton from MGR to Rajinikanth. The superstar became the rightful heir to MGR’s throne as the undisputable king of the box office. I adore Baasha but the euphoria before and after Annamalai was unmatched. I saw it 4 times in theatres just for that one scene. He crushed box office records with each film. It was during this period that he consistently broke the fourth wall to talk to his audience. Every film became a festival as he became more and more elusive.

For me, this wave lasted until Shivaji. That was the last true Rajini Film. Every other film after that has been an unnecessary stretch aimed at capitalizing brand Rajini. Though there is absolute pleasure in seeing Rajini on screen. The euphoria and the excitement has been missing for a while. Are we treating him like the goose that lays golden eggs or does he still has it in him? I believe he will have his last hurrah with Kala.

Thank you for entertaining us all these years. Happy Birthday Superstar.

#HBDSuperstar #HBDRajinikanth




Child stars usually fizzle out once they reach adulthood. Either they get consumed by early fame or they alienate themselves from Hollywood once they become adults.  Scarlett Johansson is one of the few actresses who are still relevant and going strong with some wise choices to random experimental roles.

Imagine being just an eye candy in an ensemble of superheroes. How do you stand out? How do you make a mark? Her voice – that sexy sultry voice which compensates for all that is missing on screen. The way she says “I don’t see how that’s a party” with that blank look on her face even as the hulk unleashes the beast in him. To me that was my favourite moment in the Marvel Superhero franchise.  To be frank the Black Widow is a great disservice to a talented actress.  I wish Marvel made a movie where Black Widow isn’t just a side kick.

All said and done I love Scarlett for her roles in smaller films where her presence gives the film the push that it needs. My favourite Scarlett film is the relatively unknown The Nanny Diaries. She’s splendid as the nanny who struggles like a fish out of water in a sophisticated household. The presence of Laura Linney and Chris Evans is an added bonus.  Who would have known back then that these two would eventually don the roles of Black Widow and Captain America.

You want to give life to an unlikely relationship between a man and his computer. No worries. Call on Scarlett. Her voice is a gift from heaven for all die hard movie buff.  Her physical presence is a mere bluff more like a decoration to hide the one true thing that sets her apart.  Right from being a regular in Woody Allen’s ensembles to taking random gambles with smaller films which give her the scope to experiment to being a part one of the greatest screen superhero team. She’s done it all.

Happy Birthday Scarlett. Keep mesmerizing us with that lovely voice of yours.


I have been a part of the Tanglish Comedy Team as a critic for quite a while now.  But Tanglish Comedy was more of a comedy ensemble. It is much easier to write about 10 minute individual comedy acts than a solo show.  J. K. Sila Siripugal is my first attempt at reviewing a solo show and it is Jagan Krishnan’s first solo act as well,

J.K Sila Siripugal was produced by DJ’s Ensomneacks .  First and foremost it was heartening to see theatre embrace stand up comedy and give the rightful space to an upcoming stand up comedian. I personally feel different art forms can complement each other for greater good.  It is always a win – win scenario when artists help each other out. It sets a wonderful precedent for more such events in the future.

Quite surprisingly the opening wasn’t a warm up comedy act. The team decided to treat the audience to a 10 minute short play directed by Vikram S Vaidya. It didn’t seem like a play though. It was more like a heads up for the act that was to follow.  The humour worked very well though it wasn’t laugh out loud and I loved the way current events were deftly fit in the short play and the ensemble of actors were quite vibrant but the entire act felt a little too rushed. But it was a good start despite the minor blemishes.

The opening comic act was done by Karthi Durai. He started off the proceedings with a bit of nervousness.  Thankfully the jokes were spot on and managed to mask the inital nervousness.  Even as he touched upon the usual family jokes I was quietly yearning for that one special laugh out loud material. That moment happened when he decided to rip apart the tall claims of Indian advertisements. He found his groove and kept us entertained towards the end of his act.

Now it was time for the main act – The star of the show Jagan Krishnan. It is always very important to start off well when performing the first solo comedy act and what a rocking start it was with screenshots of all the brickbats he had received for his online comedy videos. The whole crowd burst out laughing. It takes loads of guts for someone to make fun of his own act even before the act had begun. Kudos for that.

From there it shifted to green tea and gym. But the best part was yet to come – The comedy act based on music alone. The concept itself was something very new to me. I haven’t seen any other comedian do a full fledged show where none of the music directors were spared. We all have our own biases when it comes to music and we are sensitive about it too. But here was someone who was taking down each and every one of them with no personal preferences.  

From ARR to Aniruth everybody made it to Jagan’s list and he spared no one. I repeat he spared no one.  What fascinated me even more was the way he picked out aspects of music which could be made fun of and it was hearting to see the whole audience join in this unique laughter ride. The pictures in the background for Harris Jayaraj songs are a welcome addition. The one aspect which stood out like a sore thumb was the few double meaning jokes. Not that the jokes were unfunny but such a unique stand up act didn’t need the usual double meaning clichés. Maybe those could be rephrased in a better way for future shows.

And Jagan himself has that charming goofy personality which pulls the audience towards his material.  I personally feel he is one of the most underrated comic in the city especially for the type of comedy that he performs. Next time you see an announcement of his show in the city. Do go for it.  It will be worth your time and money and I personally vouch for it.

PS: i missed the customary Illayaraja start.



For most people Parvathy is just an actress but to me she’s a mystery. In a country boasting of wannabe Queens here is someone who is effortlessly changing the dimensions of India’s leading lady.

Parvathy is an irresistible obsession these days. No other actress of the current lot has fascinated me this much. What makes her so different? What makes her tick? It always seems like she lives in an alternate cinema universe where none of her co-stars or the camera exist. It is always her and the audience.

She’s like that fascinating trip to dreamland for a movie buff like me. She’s like a trip that never ends, a trip that leaves a lasting impression beyond the echoes of the big screen. She almost always starts off as a stranger when the frame freezes to capture her first shot in a movie. You almost begin to wonder if it’s the same actress you saw in the other movie. But that’s the first step towards a wonderful transformation.

Slowly but steadily she sneaks into your soul and catches you off guard even as your eyes remain glued to the big screen. It’s like watching a magnificent piece of art mould itself. By the time the end credits roll that stranger whom you came across at the beginning is no longer there. You embrace and empathize with an entirely different person .She becomes someone you know. She becomes the person that you aspire to be.

As much as I admire Kangana and Vidya Balan they are almost always in your face. As an audience you know they are making an effort to be different. But Parvathy is different she can be anyone you want her to be. It’s like watching a magnificent piece of art mould itself with ease. The way she makes the audience empathize with the characters she plays on screen is astonishing. She’s always ready, always prepared to up her game a notch irrespective of who her co-star is.

Take Charlie for instance it’s a chauvinistic film which revolves around a male wanderer. But Parvathy makes you root for Tessa’s pursuit right from the start. Poo literally stunned me when I first watched it. Maryan and Ennu Ninte Moideen were beautiful. But it is always Sarah who is close to my heart.

Sarah of Banglore Days is an exception to all exceptions. A rare portrayal with a lot of heart and depth. And finally take off which is a beautiful ode to everything that Parvathy is as an actress.

From Gayathri to Sameera it’s been one hell of a ride with different personalities who are daring enough to give celluloid the shades it rightly deserves. The way she makes use of her eyes to fill the silent spaces in a narrative is a movie buff’s delight. Perhaps those eyes are her secret weapons which enable her to decode the transformation in a character’s arc and reach out to her audience.

In a space filled with numerous imitations aspiring to be number one it is heart warming to see someone so real and authentic walking away with a deserving applause every time she comes on screen.

I bow to thee my goddess





The Beginning

It was 2006. My eyes were glued to a supposed comic film. A film which tried to highlight the comic side of actor Madhavan and failed miserably. The only redemption was Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu. But someone else caught my eye.  An unknown actress was scorching the screen.  Mobilea song was instant addiction not for the music but for that actress who seemed to have descended straight from heaven. Those seductive eyes and perfectly chiseled frame are one of those memories which will stand the test of time. Calling her a crush would be an understatement. She was love. She was the heavenly beauty.  I still didn’t know her name but there was a constant yearning to see more of her on screen.  Even Sundar C wouldn’t have imagined such a long innings for the actress when he introduced her to Tamil Cinema. But introducing her was one of the best things that Sundar C ever did as a director. It was an accident waiting to happen. A sweet unexpected accident.  An accident named Sweety.

The Arrival

Tamil Cinema has this bad habit of letting go of talented heroines after the first glimpse. We tend to wait until that breakout role happens. I guess it’s an eternal habit. Sweety disappears for 3 years to become one of the leading ladies in Telugu Cinema. She didn’t have to do much though. But her presence was an irresistible attraction to lure the audience. All she needed was that one defining film to take the first steps towards superstardom. That film was Arundhati . Arundhati stunned everyone. It wasn’t just a film. It was a storm which completely swept regional cinema. Suddenly one name was on everybody’s lips – Anushka Shetty . Makers were rushing to her doorsteps to cast her in their films I wouldn’t blame them. Arundhati had power and strength written all over it despite the supernatural angle.  There was no stopping Anushka from that point. She resurfaced as Illaya Thalapathy’s lady love in Vettaikaran. The film wouldn’t feature in anybody’s favourite list but Anushka’s dance moves in the songs are unforgettable. The star had just arrived.

The Star

She found the right balance at this point by effortlessly slipping into her actress and seductress avatars whenever she wanted. We knew the seductress before.  It was time for us to know the actress.  Films like Vedam, Deiva Thirumagal , Irandam Ulagam were carefully spaced out between her glamorous avatars. She was quietly making a difference one role at a time. There were no loud screams or tags or loud applause to crown her achievements. But a silent transition was happening. She began to decorate her role with subtle emotions and finesse.  She knew how to make her presence felt even in an ensemble like Vaanam. Deiva Thirumagal pitted her against Vikram and she won us over with an understated portrayal.  Even in Size Zero she debunked all the myths about being fat by sprinkling the role with her own charm and sexiness. Yennai Arindhal made her yearn for her man just the way I yearn for her presence. I sometimes wish the makers who remade Vikramarkudu had cast her in all the remakes. Nobody comes even remotely close to reprising her role.  My favourite though is Irandam Ulagam where Selva attempts for a role reversal of sorts with Anushka’s character.  Though the film was underwhelming her presence saved the film to a certain extent. The bankable star slowly transformed into a fine performer.

The Queen

It was time for the whole of India to take notice.  The Bahubali franchise wasn’t about Bahubali.  The narration was woven in such a way that every incident in the movie revolved around Deva’s oath and her actions. Rajamouli should have named the franchise Devasena instead of Bahubali. Despite appearing in two different avatars the firmness befitting a queen remains intact throughout the franchise. She holds on to her principles despite the ups and downs in her life.  The whole of India was glued and rightly so for the queen was quietly claiming what was rightly hers. The throne of the lady superstar belonged to the queen South Cinema. She didn’t need a tag or the constant adoration that comes with it. She didn’t need that at all. She had already carved a niche for herself without too much fuss. The fact that she had shared Screen space with the superstar is a perfect icing on the cake. Only one wish remains to see her with the legend who shares her birthday.

Happy Birthday to the one who stole my heart. Long live the queen!




50 first dates will remain one of my sweetest teenage memories. That was the phase when Adam Sandler was extremely likable and Drew Barrymore was steadily stealing our hearts with a string of charming performances. It is one of those movies which will tug your heartstrings as the two leads re-discover love again and again. I will let Lucy and Henry take over from here.


Dear Henry,

I wake up every day not knowing what the day has in store for me. Is it a never-ending stretch or a never-ending happily ever after? I choose to embrace the latter.  Life has given me that rare chance of filling the blank spaces with traces of love each and every day.  I don’t have to yearn for surprises and sweet nothings. Every day is a surprise, a new adventure filled with the abundance of love.

Every day is a fresh start and a brand new attempt at re-writing our love story in a million different ways. I often wonder why you chose to hold on to me for eternity despite the fact that you have to start from the scratch every single day but then the heart seldom seeks a reason to hold on to love. 

I seldom have to worry about what my life has in store for us in the long run. For us, future is a myth.  It’s always one day at a time as we sprinkle our lives with doses of love.  I have chosen to embrace the surprises that life has in store for us between sunrise and sunset.

I know I will wake up tomorrow not knowing who you are but I will be waiting to make me fall in love with you again.



Dear LUCY,

Life can be bliss when love manifests itself in different ways every single day.  I wait for that moment when your eyes for the day.  It reminds me that we just finished one single chapter in a never-ending love story. The best part I won’t have to re-visit the same chapter again.

I don’t have to re-live the same day twice and life will never be an endless stretch of boredom.  Beyond the uncertainty that awaits us each day there’s a strong thread of hope that binds us together. Our kid will never yearn for love for all the different dimensions of love will unfold within her as she grows up.

Someday I won’t be there and neither will you but the traces of love that we have left behind will remain as permanent impressions for the people around us.  Let’s hold on to each other and embrace the sunshine until sunset greets us together for one final time.




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